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How To Properly Appreciate Heaven

Charles Spurgeon, Victorian England’s most well known preacher, wrote the following concerning why the Christian has difficulties in this life: “We would never know the music of the harp if the strings were left untouched or enjoy the juice of … Continue reading

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Good Morning

Jesus was in my room this morning. I don’t know why He came. Unless it was the prayer last night in which I called His name. ——————————————————- It was too early for any daylight, so I didn’t view His face. … Continue reading

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A Word To Parents

A man was confined to a hospital bed because of a lingering illness. One day, as he looked upon his windowstill, he noticed a cocoon. He grew excited at the prospect of getting to watch a beautiful butterfly ultimately emerge from it. Sure … Continue reading

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Through Many Tribulations

David Livingstone was born in Scotland to poor parents. The family was so poor that he went to work in a cotton factory when he was only ten years old. Despite his poverty, he managed to get an education and eventually … Continue reading

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