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You Need Jesus As a Savior More Than As an Example

There is a sentiment out there in the world that exalts Jesus as the ultimate example of human potential. Those who hold to this sentiment talk about Him as the great teacher and the ideal role model, but they express … Continue reading

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How You Get In

Dr. Thomas John Barnardo was revered in London for his work with orphans. One day a dirty, destitute little boy came to him and asked for admission to the London orphanage. Somewhat surprised, Barnardo said, “But, my boy, I don’t … Continue reading

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The Foolish Man & His Diamond

A wealthy man sold all his possessions for cash and bought an incredibly expensive diamond. He put the diamond in his pocket and took a voyage from England to America. On the deck of the ship, he pulled out the … Continue reading

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The New Testament, Prayer, & Jesus

The New Testament era officially began with the birth of Jesus. As God in the flesh, He ushered in a new age and revealed God more intimately than any Old Testament Jew could have imagined. The “one” Lord God of … Continue reading

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The Chain Is Off

A mailman was given a new route. His first day he approached the mailbox of a home that had a big, bad German shepherd croached on the porch. As the mailman put his hand toward the mailbox, the dog went … Continue reading

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The Awesome Seriousness of Unbelief

Revelation 21:7-8 contrasts the two potential eternal destinations. First, in verse 7, Jesus says: “He who overcomes shall inherit all things, and I will be His God and he shall be My son.” This brings up the all-important question, “How … Continue reading

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Good Morning

Jesus was in my room this morning. I don’t know why He came. Unless it was the prayer last night in which I called His name. ——————————————————- It was too early for any daylight, so I didn’t view His face. … Continue reading

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The Blessing Of Changing A Sermon

Two Sundays ago I had in mind to preach a sermon on prayer. Specifically, I planned to preach on the so-called “Lord’s Prayer.” But as I began to ease into my studying and preparing for that sermon, the Lord made … Continue reading

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A Costly Salvation

The great preacher G. Campbell Morgan was once approached by a miner who said, “I would give anything to believe that God will forgive sins, but I cannot believe He will forgive me if I just turn to Him. It is … Continue reading

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God’s Chemistry

My yard is covered in snow this morning, the result of an April winter storm. Living where I do, I’m quite used to snow. Last night’s local news featured a family from Florida who happened to be driving through our area … Continue reading

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