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What’s Your Weakness?

For my sermon series on Samson, I’ve been reading one of Chuck Swindoll’s study guides on Old Testament characters. In his remarks concerning Samson, Swindoll makes an excellent point about the value of understanding one’s own weaknesses. He writes: It … Continue reading

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Did the Apostle Paul Miss God’s Will?

Did the apostle Paul miss the will of God in one of the most important decisions of his ministry? Such a question might seem ludicrous to those who rate Paul barely a notch below Jesus, but some sincere students of … Continue reading

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What Does the Bible Teach About Drinking Alcohol? (8)

Did you know that the early churches of the New Testament struggled mightily with an issue that we think nothing of today? I mean they got into heated disputes over it. Some Christians would separate themselves from other Christians over … Continue reading

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The Test of Prosperity

Quick, name the toughest test to pass spiritually. Did you say, “Disease”? Did you say, “The death of a loved one”? Did you say, “Troubles?” Did you say, “Disappointment”? Well, there’s no doubt that none of these tests are spiritual … Continue reading

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Chuck Swindoll’s preaching is marked by wonderful illustrations. He has compiled hundreds of these in a book entitled The Tale of the Tardy Ox Cart. That title comes from my favorite illustration in the book, one that I’d like to pass along to you. … Continue reading

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