Good Morning

Jesus was in my room this morning.

I don’t know why He came.

Unless it was the prayer last night

in which I called His name.


It was too early for any daylight,

so I didn’t view His face.

But His love was present in the dark

and soon filled up the place.


The early morning was cold outside,

blanketed by a frost.

But I realized with Jesus at hand

nary a hope was lost.


I’d spent the night in an awful gloom,

ashamed of my many sins.

I’d prayed that God would open my heart

and let His Son come in.


But I had not received an answer,

at least I didn’t think so.

Till I awoke and felt Jesus’ presence,

then I began to know.


To know that my prayer had been answered,

to know how much He cares.

To know that He is my Comforter,

to know my pain He shares.


And then I noticed some light outside,

cast by a rising sun.

Soon the entire house began to stir,

for a new day had begun.


So I cried, “My dear precious Jesus,

please do not leave me now.

For I have to start this brand new day

and I’m just not sure how.


You’ve only just arrived to my room

for the early morning light.”

Then a voice said, “I’ll never leave you,

don’t you know I spent the night?”

                                                                      Russell Mckinney

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