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One Flesh

The union of a man and a woman in matrimony can be illustrated in various ways, but my favorite one involves two lumps of clay. First, take a lump of red clay in one hand. Second, take a lump of … Continue reading

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Tonya’s Birthday

Today is my wife Tonya’s birthday, and so I’d like to devote this post to her. I thought it would be fun to describe a typical day in her life, and since my day-to-day memory only lasts for about one … Continue reading

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“Let Me Tell You About My Better Half…”

In volume 4 of his commentary set on Romans, the noted preacher Donald Barnhouse tells the following story. “A man I knew through my ministry was going with a girl who, some of us thought, was not at all worthy … Continue reading

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Sin’s Progression

In my last post, I outlined Psalm 1:1-3 under the title “Blessedness.” Now I’d like to narrow the microscope down onto one particular aspect of that passage and offer a word about sin’s progression. Hardened sinners don’t get that way overnight. Psalm 1:1 describes a systematic progression. … Continue reading

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Where Did the Idea of Marriage Come From?

“Marriage” series: (post #1) This post begins a series on the subject of marriage. With each of these posts I’ll answer a question that pertains to the subject. Question #1 is: Where did the idea of marriage come from? The answer to … Continue reading

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Our Anniversary

Fifteen years ago today Tonya and I stood in her home church and got married. If I have never done anything else right in my life, I married well. She is my best friend, my life-partner, and the mother of my … Continue reading

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