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A man bought a talking parrot that had once been a bar owner’s pet. Sitting in that bar every night, the bird had learned some, shall we say, interesting words. More than once it embarrassed its new owner by squawking … Continue reading

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What Jesus Was Thankful For

For a Thanksgiving sermon this year I did something I’d never done. I got down my concordance and looked up all the instances in which Jesus is specifically mentioned as giving thanks. I found that there are four things for … Continue reading

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Living Thanks

Here’s a good word that appeared in an issue of Pulpit Helps several years ago. The writer is William O. Vickery.    For Americans, there is a tradition of observing Thanksgiving Day each November. It is recognized as a national … Continue reading

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What Matthew Henry Was Thankful For

Matthew Henry was an English preacher in the late 1600s and early 1700s. He is best remembered for the legendary commentary set that bears his name. He died from a stroke while on a preaching tour in June, 1714. Once, … Continue reading

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A Good Thought For Thanksgiving

I preached a Thanksgiving sermon this morning. Then Tonya hit the Mcdonalds drive-thru tonight and picked up some supper. Let me combine those two events of my day and give you a good thought, Christian. Let’s say that a father takes his child … Continue reading

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