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How’s Your Contending?

Jude was the earthly half-brother of Jesus. He was also the writer of the Bible’s book of Jude, which is a letter he wrote to his fellow Christians. Jude’s original plan was to build the letter around the subject of … Continue reading

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The Flow of God’s Will

In the November, 2002 edition of Focus On the Family magazine, the following letter written by Tyson Chastain was used: One Sunday my wife and I noticed an announcement in the church bulletin about a men’s missions trip to Honduras. … Continue reading

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The Christian’s Paradoxical Life

A.W. Tozer was one of the most famous preachers that America ever produced. He served as the pastor of Chicago’s Southside Alliance Church for thirty years, but he is best known as the author of many books on the Christian … Continue reading

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What Kind of Shape Are You in Spiritually?

Christian, perhaps you are one of the hordes of people who have hit the new year full bore with a new diet or workout routine. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that. But even as you dutifully try to get your body in better condition, consider a word from A.W. … Continue reading

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