Living Thanks

Here’s a good word that appeared in an issue of Pulpit Helps several years ago. The writer is William O. Vickery.

   For Americans, there is a tradition of observing Thanksgiving Day each November. It is recognized as a national holiday and happily so. But one wonders if it were not a holiday, would there be any giving of thanks? That is the question that each person must answer for himself, just as each person will determine how he will express his thanks – by saying it, giving it, or living it.

Saying thanks is good; it is mannerly, tactful and serves as a lubricant to overcome friction. Giving thanks is better; it penetrates superficiality and allows for deeply-felt expressions to pass from one  person to another. More of the whole person is exercised in giving thanks than in saying it. Living thanks is best. It transcends superficiality and exceeds spontaneity. It abides within the inner man as a continuing resource contributing to the development of character, shaping of lifestyle, and building of personal relationship with God, family, fellow Christians, and friends.” 

We all need to take the focus off Thanksgiving and put it onto Thanksliving. If we have to have a turkey, a pumpkin pie, and a football game to cause us to pause and give thanks, we’re in trouble already. Thankfulness should naturally pour out of us like water naturally pours over Niagara Falls. Ingratitude is one of the ugliest characteristics a person can show.

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