A Fresh Spark

Dr. G. Curtis Jones tells the story of a board meeting he once sat in on at a city church where he was serving as pastor. The focus of the meeting was the church’s lackluster performance at winning people to Christ. Everyone in the meeting was in agreement that the church’s evangelism program needed a fresh spark, but no one was willing to volunteer to be that spark.

Finally, quite unexpectedly, a prominent physician stood up from the group and said, “I don’t know much about evangelism, but I love Christ and His church. Pastor, if you will teach me how to become an evangelist and if you, the members of this board, will cooperate, I will head up our evangelism program for next year.”

As Jones describes it, “It was an exciting statement! Like a blood transfusion, he injected new life and enthusiasm into the group. We experienced a great ingathering of souls that year. Moreover, the physician grew in Christian grace and loyalty, as did the congregation.”

Christian, are you willing to be such a spark in your church, your home, or your workplace? Like that physician, you don’t necessarily have to have a ton of ability. What you have to have is availability. You have to be willing, willing to learn, willing to put in the required time, and willing to devote the necessary energy.

The fact is that there are situations all around you that need a fresh spark. Even as you’ve been reading this, it’s possible that God has already brought a situation to your mind. So tell me, are you willing to be the vessel that He works through to bring restoration and revival to that situation? While it’s true that God loves doing new things, it’s equally true that He loves reinvigorating tired, old things and taking them to a level they have never known. But, as always, He needs workers.

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