When God Tells You to Do Something

I’ve been friends with Beau Thomas for most of my life. We grew up together, attended school together, ran around together, and played a lot of ball together. When each of us became a father, we also coached our share of youth league baseball and football together.

Beau had a coaching principle that I really liked. He’d say, “I’m not going to ask a kid to do something that he can’t do.” That applied to pitching, stealing a base, playing quarterback, punting, and anything else a team might need done.

I often think of Beau’s line when God burdens me to do something. Maybe I don’t have a lot of experience in the field. Maybe the money required to pull off the feat is a bit iffy. Maybe I just don’t want the job. It’s times like these that I can start sounding like Moses giving his list of excuses why he shouldn’t have been the man to lead the Israelites out of their Egyptian bondage (Exodus 3:11-4:17).

It’s also during these times that I’m reminded of the story of Jesus calming the storm (Matthew 8:23-27; Mark 4:35-41; Luke 8:22-25). That story begins with Him getting into a boat with the chosen 12 and saying, “Let us cross over to the other side of the lake (the lake of Gennesaret, the “Sea” of Galilee).” That command was followed by the 12 grabbing their oars and Jesus grabbing a nap in the back of the boat.

But somewhere out there on the water a great storm arose, one that battered the boat with waves and threatened to sink it. The 12 woke up Jesus and said, “Lord, save us! We are perishing!” And how did Jesus respond? He stood up, calmed the winds and the sea, and restored order to the situation. Then He asked the 12 the penetrating question, “Why are you fearful, O you of little faith?”

He could well have added in, “I didn’t say, ‘Let us get out into the middle of the lake and drown.’ I said, ‘Let us cross over to the other side of the lake.'” The point was that they should have had enough faith to know that He wouldn’t have told them to cross over to the other side of the lake if it was going to be physically impossible for them to do so.

By way of application to your current situation, I don’t know what it is the Lord is burdening you to do (or keep doing). All I know is that if it’s truly His voice that you are hearing, all your excuses for not doing that something are lame. The old saying “God’s commandments are God’s enablements” still holds true. God knows your talents, your strengths, and your abilities. He also knows your weaknesses, faults, and shortcomings. And He’ll never ask you to do something that He knows you honestly aren’t capable of doing.

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