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One Reason Why One Man Stopped Believing in God

“A Thought-Provoking Book” series (post #1) As part of our Christmas shopping at the mall a couple of weeks ago, I went into a Barnes & Noble store to kill some time while Tonya shopped for shoes or something like … Continue reading

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Christmas & the Absent-Minded Professor

Donald L. Deffner, in his book Seasonal Illustrations, tells the story of an absent-minded professor who tended to get so absorbed in his work that he forgot the simplest details. One morning his wife said to him, “Now Henry, remember, we are … Continue reading

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Jesus & Nazareth

With the exception of the times when I was attending Appalachian State University and Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute, I’ve lived my entire life right here in Mitchell county. It’s a small, rural county located in the  mountains of northwestern North … Continue reading

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Praying In Jesus’ Name (4)

With this post I want to deal with yet another aspect of what it means to pray in Jesus’ name. The new aspect goes like this: To pray in Jesus’ name is to pray with an understanding of the limitless … Continue reading

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Don’t Bail Out

A pilot announced to his passengers that three of the plane’s four engines had conked out. A few seconds later he came out of the cockpit, walked past them, and put on a parachute. He opened up the back door … Continue reading

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What Does the Bible Teach About Drinking Alcohol? (6)

Christ’s changing of the water into wine is one of His more famous miracles. It’s also one of His most debated. Some folks absolutely cringe at the very notion of Jesus devoting a miracle to making alcoholic wine. They say, … Continue reading

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