Waiting on God’s Best

Dr. Doug Cecil was an Associate Professor at Dallas Theological Seminary for many years and now serves on staff at Christ Chapel Bible Church in Fort Worth, Texas. He loves to use a quote from Orel Hershiser, one of the best pitchers ever to suit up for the Los Angeles Dodgers, as an illustration of how Satan tempts us. The quote comes from George Will’s book Men At Work: The Craft of Baseball, which takes a close look at four baseball players, Hershisher being one of them. On his philosophy of pitching, Hershiser says:

There are two theories of pitching. One is that you try to convince the batter that a particular thing is coming and you throw something different. The other theory, that you don’t hear as much, but that I use, is that if the batter expects a particular pitch, you throw it, but you throw it in a place where he can’t hit it.

Cecil then elaborates on Hershisher’s philosophy and employs it as an illustration by saying the following:

That is: Know what a batter expects and throw the ball almost there. If he is a highball hitter, throw it a bit too high. His eagerness will prevent him from laying off it, but it will be hard to hit well.

Isn’t this the way the enemy works in our life? He knows just what kind of pitch that we are a sucker for and then throws it our way. But, it is just a little higher or just a little bit more outside than where we like it, and most likely we will bite on it every time. After all, it looks so good. It feels so right.

Could it be that right now in your life you are swinging at a slightly askew pitch that looks good and feels right but isn’t something you can truly hit hard? Let me put it another way, are you somehow settling for “okay” when God’s BEST is still out there for you if you will wait for it? Don’t let Satan tempt you into swinging at his pitch of temptation when God stands ready to throw you a slow, straight, easy-to-crush batting practice fastball you can hit for a home run.

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