Christmas & the Absent-Minded Professor

Donald L. Deffner, in his book Seasonal Illustrations, tells the story of an absent-minded professor who tended to get so absorbed in his work that he forgot the simplest details. One morning his wife said to him, “Now Henry, remember, we are moving today. Here, I’m putting this note in your pocket. Don’t forget!” Henry dutifully nodded his head and headed off to his office.

At the end of the day, Henry returned home, opened up the front door, and found the place empty. Bewildered and distraught, he walked out to the curb and sat down. When a young boy came walking up to him, he asked the boy, “Little fellow, do you know the people who used to live here?” The boy answered, “Sure, Dad. Mom told me you’d forget.”

Now that it is December and the Christmastime madness has begun in earnest, let’s be sure that we don’t get so absorbed in it all that we forget those who are the most important to us. The older I get, the more I realize that the most valuable gift you can give someone is the gift of yourself. I guess middle age has a way of reorganizing your priorities like that. And, of course, when the subject is giving yourself as a gift, our minds should immediately go to Jesus.

You know the story. Christmas is the day we have set aside to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the greatest gift God could give to the fallen, sinful human race. Jesus was God in the flesh — God the Son/the Son of God — miraculously conceived in the womb of a virgin, born in some type of livestock pen, and first laid in an animal’s feeding trough.

He grew up completely sinless and began His public ministry when He was approximately 30 years old. For three-and-a-half years, He preached, taught, performed miracles, and gathered followers unto Himself. Then He was betrayed, arrested, tried on trumped up charges, found guilty, scourged, and crucified on a cross. That death was a sacrificial one that paid the sin debt owed to God by the entire human race so that all might have the chance to be forgiven.

Jesus then arose on the third morning after that death and made periodic appearances to His followers in His resurrected, glorified body for the next 40 days. At the end of those 40 days, He ascended back to heaven and resumed His eternal place at the right hand of God the Father. And now He offers salvation (the forgiveness of all sin, the privilege of going to heaven in the afterlife) to each and every individual  who will place their belief in Him as their personal Savior. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Deffner concludes his illustration about the absent-minded professor by saying this:

How often do we become so absorbed in “the things of this world” that we forget who we are and whose we are and where we are going.

Christian, don’t let that be the case with you this Christmas. Never forget who you are, whose you are, and where you are going. This world is relentless at trying to conform you to its mold and bring you in line with its warped standards and wrong thinking, and there is no better example of this than what passes for normal at Christmastime. But don’t let the world win you over and cause you to miss the meaning of the season. Jesus was born! Jesus was born! Jesus was born! That, you see, is what we are celebrating this month, and if any event is worthy of a holiday, surely that one is.

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