The Hands of Jesus

In a European town there was a beautiful statue of Jesus. The hands of the statue reached out, and the inscription read, “Come unto me.” But during World War II the statue was completely destroyed by bombing. So, after the war the townspeople hired the same sculptor to rebuild it. The man worked hard and the work went well, but when he came to the statue’s defining feature, its outstretched hands, he decided to do something different. He kept his decision a secret, however, until the day of the unveiling.

When that day came the townspeople all gathered around the covered statue. There was excitement in the air, and the whole affair featured quite a bit of pomp and circumstance. Then the sculptor unveiled the new statue. That’s when gasps of shock rose up all around. You see, the Jesus depicted by this new statue had arms but no hands. As the people stood there in stunned disbelief, the sculptor unveiled the inscription on the statue’s base. It read: “Who will be my hands today?”

You know, that’s a question that Jesus could ask every day, including today. Will you be His hands today?

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