God Knows Best

A farm boy went off to college to get some big-city learning. When he returned home for a break he had some new ways of looking at things. No longer was he content to emulate his daddy’s simplistic trust in God. To the contrary, the son’s college courses had caused him to begin to lean toward atheism.

Well, even though the son’s confidence in his father’s beliefs was crumbling, he still loved his dad very much. So one day he made his way out to the fields where his father was working and said, “Dad, let’s take a walk and do some talking.” The boy had in mind to ease the father into a conversation about God. That’s how he would broach the subject of his new-found atheism.

As the two walked along through the fields, they came to a pumpkin patch nestled under a large oak tree. There the young man saw his opening. He said, “Dad, if I was God, I wouldn’t have put the pumpkins at the end of weak vines and the acorns on strong branches. I would have put the pumpkins on the oak branches and the acorns at the end of the pumpkin vines. Wouldn’t that make more sense?” Then the son smiled, sensing that his father would have to see the common sense of the observation.

Before the father could answer, though, an acorn fell and hit the son in the top of the head. At that point his father said, “Well, son, I guess you’re glad that wasn’t a pumpkin that just fell on you.” What’s the lesson of the story? BELIEVE IN GOD AND TRUST IN HIS WISDOM. Even when His ways seem illogical, He always knows best and has a wise plan.

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