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Harold & Ella Mae

Here’s a follow up to yesterday’s post about being yourself as you allow God to use you in His service. Harold and Ella Mae were sitting on the front porch swing. Harold said, “Ella Mae, I wish I had the … Continue reading

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A Job or A Ministry?

A few months ago I ran across an excellent article in my daily paper. The article had the heading “Every Christian Is Called To the Ministry” and was written by Rev. Tim McConnell, the pastor of Peachtree United Methodist Church … Continue reading

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One Is Enough

When a person is born, he or she comes wired with certain talents, skills, and natural abilities. Obviously, these must be recognized and honed as the individual grows, but the point is that these things are inside the person even in … Continue reading

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Play Your Piccolo

Acts 6:1-7 gives the account of an election that was held by the early church. The apostles instructed the church members to choose seven men. These seven had to be much more than “casual Christians.” They had to be of a good reputation, … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Afraid To Fly

The true story is told of a Midwestern farmer who found a young eaglet. The bird’s wing was injured to the point that flying was impossible. The farmer carefully picked up the eaglet and took it back to his farm. Not knowing exactly … Continue reading

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