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Common Sense & God’s Will

Today I’d like to share with you one of my biggest pet peeves about Christians. It’s this whole idea that God’s will for a specific situation must always be the logical, rational, “smart” plan of attack. Oh, I’ve heard the … Continue reading

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A Big, Black Door

A spy was captured by the Persian army and sentenced to death. However, the Persian general who issued the death sentence had an unusual procedure for executions. The condemned were given the choice of being slain by the sword or … Continue reading

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What Two Wrong Clocks Can Teach Us About God’s Will

Did you know that a clock that is five minutes off is more dangerous than one that is five hours off? Think about it. If a clock is five hours off, you will see that it is obviously wrong and … Continue reading

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In my last post, I told you that Tonya and I borrowed a G.P.S. system to use during our vacation trip. For the record, that system gave its directions via the voice of a woman. I don’t know if they … Continue reading

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The Flow of God’s Will

In the November, 2002 edition of Focus On the Family magazine, the following letter written by Tyson Chastain was used: One Sunday my wife and I noticed an announcement in the church bulletin about a men’s missions trip to Honduras. … Continue reading

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The Young Man and His Condition

A young man went to the doctor and said, “Doc, I get headaches. My eyes burn. I see spots before my eyes. And I can’t get my breath.” After an examination, the doctor said, “My diagnosis is that your brain … Continue reading

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Mitchell County (We’re Not All Leaving)

Our regional newspaper, the Asheville Citizen Times, ran a lead article yesterday on the population growth in western North Carolina. The statistics show that more and more people are calling this part of the country home. The counties of Clay, … Continue reading

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