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Do the Saints Persevere?

“Calvinism” series: (post #6) This post brings us to the last of Calvinism’s five foundational doctrines. The doctrine is known as “Perseverance of the Saints,” and it is the “P” in Calvinism’s famous T-U-L-I-P acrostic. And what does the term … Continue reading

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Failed Lately?

As a parent, I don’t want either of my two sons to have any problems in life. I want them to enjoy perfect health. I want them to be the most popular kids at their schools. I want them to … Continue reading

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Just Do Your Best TODAY

Today I’ll offer some good thoughts from a couple of well-known Independent Baptist preachers who’ve gone on to be with the Lord. The first one comes from Dr. Tom Malone. After quoting Deuteronomy 33:25, which reads: “As thy days, so … Continue reading

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