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Styx, My Son, & Me

My oldest son, Ryan, attends Johnson University, a Christian college located about ten minutes outside Knoxville, Tennessee. Johnson is a small, private school that has an on-campus attendance of approximately 1,000. Ryan is a sophomore there, lives in a dorm, … Continue reading

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What the Bible Teaches About Drinking Alcohol (9)

With this post, we’ll finish up this series. I didn’t plan for the series to run quite this long anyway, but as we’ve seen this is a complex subject that brings in quite a bit of scripture. People really do … Continue reading

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What the Bible Teaches About Drinking Alcohol (8)

Did you know that the early churches of the New Testament struggled mightily with an issue that we think nothing of today? I mean they got into heated disputes over this issue. Some Christians would separate themselves from other Christians … Continue reading

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Beer and Boycotts

Our little town of Spruce Pine recently voted to turn “wet” by allowing the sale of beer and wine inside the city limits. Needless to say, this was major news. Many of the churches of the area banded together and┬áput … Continue reading

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