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What Will Life In Christ’s Millennial Reign Be Like?

Bible Prophecy In Chronology series (post #23) The phrase “thousand years” occurs six times in Revelation 20:1-7. We call these thousand years Christ’s Millennial Reign. The word “millennium” comes from two Latin words: mille (“thousand”) and annum (“yeat’). Therefore, Jesus’ thousand-year reign upon … Continue reading

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The Power of One

…one sinner destroys much good. (Ecclesiastes 9:18) Wow, you talk about a statement with truth to it! These words from Ecclesiastes punch us right in the face, don’t they? What a sad but very real fact it is that just … Continue reading

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Headed North

Is it possible for a person to be moving north and south at the same time? Sure. Imagine a man walking south on the deck of a ship that is headed north. As we live the Christian life, we oftentimes … Continue reading

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Man’s Soul

In my last post, I talked about man’s spirit. With this post I want to say some things about his soul. I suppose I should begin by pointing out that some people teach that the “spirit” and the “soul” are … Continue reading

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