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A Lesson From Nob

Even those who criticize the Bible have to admit that it doesn’t shy away from painting its characters warts and all. Is Noah the man of obedience and faith who saved the human race from extinction? Yes (Genesis chapters 6-8). … Continue reading

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Born Liars

A paratrooper finished basic training and went up for his first jump. As he was about to leap from the plane’s exit hatch he pulled back and said, “I can’t do it.” His sergeant said, “Yes, you can. Just jump, … Continue reading

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Something We Could Learn From A Parrot

In Queen Victoria’s Windsor Castle there was a suite of rooms that were used by her personal chaplain. A private passageway connected the chaplain’s study to the Queen’s quarters. Oftentimes she would use this passageway to consult the chaplain on … Continue reading

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Rejoicing In The Lord Always

Many years ago, in Germany, a young man was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue. The cancer would spread unless the tongue was completely removed. That was an undesirable line of treatment, but it had to be done. On the … Continue reading

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The Importance of Speaking Up

Well, we made it to and from the beach safely, and I really appreciate those of you who prayed for us along those lines. Not surprisingly, my next few posts will involve stuff that I experienced while on vacation. I’ll … Continue reading

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Kent Crockett tells the following story: “Years ago my wife and I recorded many of our family highlights using an 8mm home movie camera. We collected years of precious memories in numerous spools of film, which became antiquated after the … Continue reading

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A Case of Mistaken Identity

A man was sitting in his car at a red light one morning. When the light changed to green, the woman driving the car in front of him didn’t immediately start going. She was reading over some papers on the seat and didn’t notice … Continue reading

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