Feeling Kind of Inadequate? Good!

My wife, Tonya, is a middle-school math teacher, which means that she is good at math. She isn’t nearly as good, however, in the areas of grammar and spelling. Being polar opposites, I am good at grammar and spelling but not much at math. So, would Tonya be quicker to seek God’s help concerning a situation that involved math or one that involved grammar? Obviously, she would run to Him more quickly for help with grammar. I, on the other hand, would run to Him more quickly for help with math.

The point is that none of us typically asks for the Lord’s help unless we really think we need it. In light of this fact, can you see how God would work against Himself if He made us all supremely talented and gifted in every area of life? I mean, if we could expertly handle everything that came our way, would we ever look to Him for guidance and strength? I think we know the answer to that.

Therefore, rather than cursing your inadequacies and physical shortcomings, you should learn to see them as pathways to God. Instead of being angry at Him for not making you “perfect,” you should hear Him calling you to Himself by way of your limitations. I don’t want to sound corny here, but God wants to show off for you. He wants you to see what He can do when you admit your inability and ask for His help. You say that you are struggling with a problem right now, one that is out of your skill set? Okay, that makes you NORMAL. Now take that problem to a loving, all-powerful God and let Him help you. And don’t feel shame for acknowledging your weakness. Instead, feel the joy that comes with working hand in hand with the One who created you and longs to share your life.

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