The Tator Family

Every church knows the Tator family. It’s a very large family, and even if all of the family members don’t attend any one church, some of them surely will. But just in case you aren’t familiar with the Tators, allow me to introduce them.

#1. There is Dictator. This is the church member who wants to control every aspect of the church. Typically, Dictator would rather attend a small congregation than a large one because smaller ones are much easier to control.

#2. There is Agitator. This is the church member who constantly keeps trouble stirred up in the congregation. Agitator thinks peace and tranquility are boring but can’t wait to get to church whenever a church scandal is taking place.

#3. There is Irritator. This is the church member who irritates the entire congregation by complaining and whining about everything. People see Irritator coming and immediately head the other way.

#4. There is Commentator. This is the church member who feels compelled to voice an opinion about any and all topics. Commentator is a know-it-all who loves playing the role of the smartest person in the room.

#5. There is Spectator. This is the church member who attends services but never gets personally involved in any of the doings of the church. Spectator is thoroughly content to just sit and soak but never serve.

#6. There is Rotator. This is the church member who rotates sporadic attendance in at least two churches but perhaps as many as three or four. Rotator doesn’t believe in sinking down roots in any church, preferring instead to take a church’s preaching, singing, church programs, etc. into consideration before deciding to attend.

#7. There is Hesitator. This is the church member who won’t help the congregation make a decision even when a decision must be made. Hesitator is paralyzed by the fear of making a wrong decision and will always advise taking a “Let’s wait and see” approach.

#8. There is Amputator. This is the church member who is always looking to cut away someone or something. Amputator is lightning quick to drop inactive members from membership rolls, do away with struggling programs, and cut the church budget by eliminating various line items.

#9. There is Imitator. This is the church member who believes the church should imitate all the characteristics and programs of any church that is growing and thriving. Imitator believes that cookie-cutter strategies are the way to go and that anything that works well in one church will surely work well in every church.

#10. There is Devastator. This is the church member who will not rest until the congregation lies in ruins. Devastator is a multitalented person who knows how to start a rumor, bring an accusation, play one church clique off another, turn a business meeting into a riot, and create a problem where there isn’t one.

After reading this list, I think you’ll agree with me that the Tator family is certainly a formidable group, aren’t they? Here’s hoping that you don’t have any of them in your church. Even more than that, here’s hoping that you aren’t one of the family. If, however, you simply must be a member of that family tree, let me encourage you to be a member of another branch altogether. That branch has members such as Mediator, Rehabilitator, Resuscitator, and Facilitator. Now there’s a list of some people from which our churches could surely benefit.

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