A Quick Word About Revenge

A group of American soldiers were stationed in Korea during the Korean War. While they were there they hired a young Korean fellow to cook and clean for them. Unfortunately for the Korean, the soldiers were a bunch of pranksters.

Each day the soldiers perpetrated a different prank on the Korean. One day they smeared Vaseline on the handles of the stove so that when he turned it on, he got Vaseline on his fingers. Another day they mounted a bucket of water over the door so that he got soaked when he opened the door. One night they even nailed his shoes to the floor while he slept.

Finally, the soldiers began feeling guilty about their actions. So, they sat the Korean down and said, “We know these pranks haven’t been funny for you. We’re sorry, and we are going to stop doing them.” The Korean, in his broken English, asked, “No more sticky on stove?” “No,” said the soldiers. “No more water over door?” “No.” “No more nail shoes to floor?” “No.” “Okay,” said the Korean, “then no more spit in soup.”

Revenge: It is one of the most basic tendencies of human nature. The desire to strike back? The need to get even? The obsession to settle a score? You had best believe we all have some of that in us. The problem is that God, in His written word, commands us not to act upon these impulses. As Romans 12:19 and Hebrews 10:30 both say concerning Him, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,” says the Lord.

In one way, this word from the Lord is frustrating because it prevents us from legitimately meting out our own revenge. In another way, though, it is encouraging because of that word “will.” You see, God doesn’t say, “I might repay.” He promises, “I will repay.” The timing and the details for how He does this repaying will always be different, simply because each situation is different. But you can mark it down, He will repay. The real question is, “Can we wait patiently for Him to do it?”

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