“Christian Verses” Podcast: Isaiah 43:19

Let me ask you a serious question, and please don’t be so quick to answer. Think long and hard about your answer, and be completely honest. The question is: “If God told you that He wanted to do a truly new thing in your life, how would you feel about that?” Would the idea excite you? Would it scare you? Would you say, “Yes Lord, when can we start?” Or would you say, “Wait a minute, Lord, I’m going to need to know what this thing is before I sign off on it”? Do you long for change in your life? Or do you like your life just the way it is?

In the new podcast, Malcolm and I build a discussion around God’s promise to do a “new thing” in Israel and how He sometimes does “new things” in our lives. To hear the podcast, just click on the link below:

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