Spam and I Don’t Always Agree

Folks, I’d just like to use this time to offer my sincere apologies to all of you who have left comments under various posts in the past few months. I’ve been operating under the assumption that people read this blog but don’t feel led to respond by way of commenting (which is perfectly okay, by the way), but today I checked my “spam” and, low and behold, found a whole list of comments just sitting there waiting to be approved. Stupid computer!

Actually, I have one of my church members, Pat Cranford, to thank for alerting me to the problem. Mike Silver (our church’s chairman of the deacons) and I visited Pat and her husband Ken yesterday, and during the visit Pat mentioned that she had left a comment on the blog site. As soon as she said that, I knew that I hadn’t read any comment from her. So that got me to wondering if her comment might have automatically gotten dumped into “spam” without me ever seeing it. As it turns out, that is exactly what had happened not only with her comment but with several others. Imagine my surprise, not to mention my embarrassment.

What all this proves is that I am in no way, shape, or form a professional blogger. I’m just a busy husband, father, son, brother, and pastor who is doing the best he can to keep all the balls in the air. Malcolm Woody has even got me doing a podcast about once a week, and if you think I don’t know much about blogging, you should see me trying to do a podcast. One prayer comes to mind every time we attempt one of those podcasts: “Lord, help us!”

As long as I’m talking about all this, let me also say a big THANK YOU to all of you out there who check in with this blog site regularly and read my posts. Because of you this month of October has been the best month in terms of number of views in the history of the blog. Depending upon the final count of the views today, the total number of views for the month will be just a tad over or just a tad under 5,000 views. Additionally, with two full months left in this year, the blog’s number of views for the year is already virtually dead even with the number of views from last year, which was a record year. Wow.

All I can say is that all the credit goes to God. As some of you long-term readers might recall, the only reason I started blogging in the first place was to promote a book that I had written, a book that has long since been forgotten to history. At one point a few years ago, I even stopped writing any new posts because I thought the Lord was finished with my season of blogging. But now here we are late into 2019 and the blog is thriving and growing. I assure you that no one is more surprised about that than me. So, again, THANK YOU for doing me the honor of reading anything I’ve written, and if you ever want to leave a comment under a post, I promise that I’ll do a better job from here on out of finding the comments, reading them, and responding to them.

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2 Responses to Spam and I Don’t Always Agree

  1. Darryl Bennett says:

    You are doing a fine job Russell mama would be very proud of you and I am I have known you all my life and I see a great man of God and I am glad for you and your family and my love you cuz

    • russellmckinney says:

      Now there’s a comment I never expected to get (lol). I don’t know about the great man of God part, but thanks Darryl. Love you too.

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