“Christian Verses” Podcast: 2 Timothy 4:2

Drew Brees, the quarterback for the NFL’s New Orleans Saints, recently got himself into trouble with the LGBTQ community. What did he do? He promoted Focus on the Family’s “Bring Your Bible to School Day.” Focus on the Family, you see, is a Christian organization that stands staunchly against homosexuality.

When the LGBTQ backlash hit, Brees had to make a choice. He could either take his stand with Focus on the Family and its anti-homosexuality beliefs or distance himself from the organization. He chose the latter by using his Twitter account to explain that he doesn’t support any groups that discriminate or promote inequality.

In the new podcast, Malcolm and I discuss the whole situation by launching off from the focal verse 2 Timothy 4:2. That verse talks about what Christians should do when the word of God is “out of season.” Here’s the link:

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