“Christian Verses” Podcast: Psalm 139:14

Would you believe that the mighty theory of evolution is now beginning to be questioned by a slew of reputable, even prominent, scientists? And would you also believe that many of these scientists aren’t even Bible-believing Christians? Dr. David Gelernter, a Yale Professor, is such a man. He recently created a bit of a stir in the scientific community when he went public with his doubts about the validity of Charles Darwin’s famous theory.

Join Malcolm Woody and I for a few minutes as we focus on Psalm 139:14 in the light of Dr. Gelernter’s recent comments. I myself find it wildly encouraging that the deeper science goes into exploring the human body, the more evidence they find for a Creator (an Architect, a Designer). Even if scientists such as Dr. Gelernter aren’t yet ready to embrace the idea of a Creator God, at least they are finally beginning to admit what has been evident to me and many others for a lot of years now: the theory of evolution is a crock that never has to produce the scientific evidence to support it. Actually, we ought to start calling the theory what it is at this point. It’s a religion that scientists choose because the alternative is to believe in the existence of a Creator God. Of course if I get started on that subject, I’ll be typing all day. So, let me just control myself and offer the link to the podcast. Here you go:

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