Will Explain Later

In his day, Dr. Thomas Guthrie was one of Scotland’s most popular and respected preachers. On the subject of the Christian life oftentimes being difficult, perplexing, and downright confusing, Guthrie said:

A man standing on the summit of a lofty mountain commands a wider landscape and sees things that on the plains below would have been quite invisible. So many things unknown, incomprehensible to us on the plains of earth will be all visible on the mount of Heaven.

The gist of Guthrie’s words is that in Heaven the Christian will at last have access to God’s perspective. If life on earth is the low valley where visibility is limited, life in Heaven will be the mountaintop where visibility is total. “Why did this happen?” “Why didn’t that happen?” “Why did God cause such a thing?” “Why did He allow such a thing?” “Why did He send me ‘B’ when I plainly asked for “A’?” All questions will be answered in Heaven. Not only will they be answered, each Christian will also be able to truthfully say, “Ah, yes, I see it now. I understand. Now I know why.”

Another notable preacher, America’s Vance Havner, used to say, “God marks some things, ‘Will explain later.'” When will this “later” be? In some situations we get our explanations after only a few hours, days, or weeks. Other explanations, however, take longer, and we only receive them after many months, years, or even decades have passed. And then there are those really bad ones, those exceedingly difficult ones, those ones that wrench the gut and break the heart. Those, unfortunately for us, must wait until Heaven.

Why does God treat His servant this way? The answer is that He knows that if He gave you all the answers at one time and laid out your whole life’s course in one setting, you would quickly grow spiritually complacent. You’d stop asking Him for guidance. You’d stop looking to Him for wisdom. You wouldn’t need His guidance and wisdom because you would have all the answers already. This would inevitably cause you to become spiritually sloppy and, even worse, spiritually cocky. After all, it’s a humbling thing not to have all the answers.

So, Christian, do you currently feel as if you are stumbling around in the dark? Do the recent events of your life have you as confused as a goose in a hail storm? Have you grown wildly frustrated with God because He hasn’t given you that answer you need? Well, I wish I could promise you that your answer will arrive soon. The fact is, it might. But then again, that answer might just be on that list of ones that you aren’t slated to get until Heaven. And if it is, the question will then become a very simple one: “Will you continue to trust in the Lord and faithfully serve Him even if you never receive that answer in this life?” Ah, now that’s a good question, and the answer to it is one that only you can provide.

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