Year-End Report (2018)

When I study over this past year’s statistics for this blog site, I am truly humbled and filled with gratitude. Putting it simply, 2018 was far and away the best year ever for the Disciples Road blog. And it was you, the readers, that made it so. For that I say a heartfelt, “THANK YOU” to each and every one of you. You have no idea how much it means to me that anyone would take the time to read anything I’ve written.

This year’s number of views came in at 36,832. That easily beat the previous best number — 25,924 in 2014 — by more than 10,000 views. Perhaps even more importantly, the site’s number of visitors also reached a new high. The previous record for visitors was 2013’s 10,785. (2017’s 10,557 got close but fell just short.) But this past year’s number of visitors was 23,260. As was the case with the views, the number of visitors more than doubled the previous high.

You might be asking, “What’s the difference between a visitor and a view?” A visitor is a person who clicks on the site. A view is a post read. If one person comes to the site and reads three posts, that gets recorded as one visitor and three views. That’s why the number of views is always higher than the number of visitors. So, the upshot of it all is that over 12,000 more people visited the site in 2018 than visited it in either the record year of 2013 or last year.

Okay, so what was everybody reading? Well, the top 10 most-viewed posts for 2018 looks like this:

  1. Does God Want Everyone to Get Married?  (4,205 views)
  2. How Does a Worm Get Inside an Apple?  (2,134 views)
  3. What a Bird’s Nest Can Teach Us About God’s Will  (1,877 views)
  4. The 10 Times Israel Tested God  (1,151 views)
  5. How Would You Describe Your Walk With the Lord These Days?  (745 views)
  6. What Will Life Be Like in Christ’s Millennial Reign  (476 views)
  7. Should We Pray Silently to Keep Satan From Hearing?  (388 views)
  8. Why God Hates Gambling  (358 views)
  9. The Old Testament’s General Teaching on Prayer  (360 views)
  10. The Mayonnaise Jar  (331 views)

What was especially encouraging about those numbers was the fact that #4 on the list, The 10 Times Israel Tested God, was a new post from April of 2018. It usually takes a few years for any post to start showing up on the top 10 most-viewed lists for the year or all-time, but that post hit the ground running and hasn’t looked back since. As is so often the case with these things, that’s one that I never dreamed would do much. I wrote it simply because I myself thought it was an interesting topic. Who knew that so many other people would find it search worthy? Anyway, here’s the rest of the top 10 list of  the most-viewed new posts for 2018:

  1. The 10 Times Israel Tested God  (1,151 views)
  2. What Satan Did to Joshua: Accusation  (272 views)
  3. What Satan Did to Paul: Hindrance  (189 views)
  4. What Satan Did to Judas: Possession (135 views)
  5. An Interesting Question  (112 views)
  6. Divorced Pastors & Deacons, post #1 of 3  (103 views)
  7. What Satan Did to Peter: Sifting  (87 views)
  8. The Wiles of the Devil  (72 views)
  9. What Satan Did to Ananias & Sapphira: Motivation  (64 views)
  10. (tie) What Satan Did to Paul: A Thorn in the Flesh  (57 views), What Satan Will Do to the Antichrist: Empowerment  (57 views)

As you can see, the series “The Wiles of the Devil” was my most popular new one this year. By the way, you might not have noticed that this year I updated the site’s “Categories” section to include the compilations of all the series that I’ve ever done. This means that if you’d like to read all the posts in any series, all you have to do is click on the “Categories” section at the right of the site, scroll down to the list of series, and click on the series you want to read. There you will find all the posts for the series. So far I’ve done 24 series.

Now let me get to the site’s all-time top 10 most-viewed posts. The same familiar titles that usually show up on this list are there, but there was some change in the order. The top 10 posts in terms of all-time views currently stands as follows:

  1. Does God Want Everyone to Get Married?  (16,143 views) (ended 2017 as #1)
  2. How Does a Worm Get Inside an Apple?  (6,082 views) (ended 2017 as #2)
  3. What a Bird’s Nest Can Teach Us About God’s Will  (2,741 views) (ended 2017 as #8)
  4. Oral Roberts & “Seed Faith” Giving  (1,899 views) (ended 2017 as #4)
  5. What Does the Bible Teach About Divorce & Remarriage  (1,807 views) (ended 2017 as #3)
  6. The Importance of Individuality in a Child  (1,294 views) (ended 2017 as #5)
  7. Should We Pray Silently to Keep Satan from Hearing?  (1,280 views) (ended 2017 as #7)
  8. Tim Tebow & Jesus  (1,163 views) (ended 2017 as #6)
  9. The 10 Times Israel Tested God (1,151 views) (no position last year)
  10. The Importance of Spanking a Child  (1,150 views) (ended 2017 as #9)

Lastly, I’ll offer a year-end list of the views from around the world. If you want to talk about information that blows my mind, this is it. Would you believe that the site recorded views from 174 different countries this past year? Here’s the list of countries that recorded the most views for 2018, and I’ll throw in each country’s number of all-time views as well:

  1. United States  (25,503 views in 2018) (102,500 all-time views, #1)
  2. United Kingdom  (1,494 views in 2018) (3,919 all-time views, #2)
  3. South Africa  (1,295 views in 2018) (2,434 all-time views, #4)
  4. Canada (1,161 views in 2018) (3,511 all-time views, #3)
  5. Philippines  (785 views in 2018) (2,051 all-time views, #6)
  6. Nigeria  (760 views in 2018) (1,384 all-time views, #8)
  7. India  (724 views in 2018) (1,883 all-time views, #7)
  8. Australia  (656 views in 2018) (2,351 all-time views, #5)
  9. Kenya  (360 views in 2018) (605 all-time views, #12)
  10. Hong Kong Sar China  (284 views) (381 all-time views, #16)

In closing, let me again say, “THANK YOU” to all of you who have visited this site. Some of you either receive email notification when I publish a new post or you check in every day to see if I’ve posted anything new, while others of you have only read a post or two here and there. But trust me, every single one of you is important. I constantly stand amazed at how God uses this blog in His service.

All I know is that I sit down at my cluttered desk and start typing on my dusty old keyboard and, low and behold, the finished post ends up being read by all kinds of people, many of whom I’ll never meet this side of heaven. For that I am beyond grateful, and I’ll try to keep writing whatever God burdens me to write. Hopefully, you’ll keep reading and the visitors and views will remain high, but even if the bottom falls out of this whole endeavor tomorrow and it comes to nothing, it’s already done infinitely more than I ever expected it to do. Who knew that something with the bizarre name “blog” would play such a major role in my life and ministry? I sure didn’t, but I guess God did.

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