It’s Not Enough Just to Start

A retired couple were each advised by their doctor to get more exercise. So they decided to start walking two miles a day. Since they lived out in the country at the end of a long road, their plan was to walk down the road one mile and then turn around and walk back home.

On the first day, they headed out of the house and made it to the one-mile mark. Now it was time to turn around for the other mile. The husband asked the wife, “Can you make it back, or are you too tired?” The wife answered, “Oh, I’m fine. I can make it back without any problem.” The husband said, “Good, I’ll wait here while you go get the car and come get me.”

Have you ever heard the saying, “He’s great out of the gate but not much for stamina?” Unfortunately, that saying can be applied to a lot of Christians. They start out to pray more, but their praying reduces back to average after just a few days. They commit themselves to reading the Bible in a year, but they get bogged down somewhere in Leviticus and give up on the goal. They promise God they will better their church attendance, but after a month or so their spike in attendance vanishes. They dedicate themselves to contributing more money to God’s work, but that dedication ends up being no match for the first unexpected bill. What can we say about such Christians? They are great out of the gate but not much for stamina.

In 2 Thessalonians 3:13, we are told, “But as for you brethren, do not grow weary in doing good” (N.K.J.V.). As you consider this verse, think about your own life. How many starts and stops do you have on your record with God? Also, ask yourself one major question: “Have I stopped something that God didn’t want me to stop?” And if you find yourself answering, “Yes” to that question, then get back to the starting blocks and start again with God, and this time work at persevering.

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