Is it Time for You to Make a Change?

People often fall into one of two erroneous camps in regards to making changes. One camp holds that change is never good, while the other camp holds that it is always good. But the truth is that sometimes change is of God and sometimes it isn’t. The problem is that we have trouble discerning the difference.

Churches, of course, are not immune to this problem. Sadly, it is all too common for churches to fight or even split over changes to: music (traditional vs. contemporary), Bible translations (the King James version vs. any other version), and missions giving (local vs. foreign). And then there are those fights over more practical changes: pews vs. chairs, hymnals vs. video screens, choir robes vs. regular attire, a piano/organ vs. a praise band, and blue carpet vs. red carpet.

I once met with the pulpit committee of a certain church. After our initial discussion the members of the committee took me on a tour of the church building. When we came to the sanctuary, they pointed out that it featured two different types of light fixtures, with the differing types being set in a pattern of alternating rows in the sanctuary’s ceiling.

On the plus side, the fixtures did the job of lighting the sanctuary. On the down side, they made for a pretty odd looking ceiling. I understood perfectly, though, when the committee members explained that there had been a major disagreement among the church members over replacing the sanctuary’s original fixtures. So, as a compromise, half the rows of the original fixtures had been kept and the other half had been updated with a more modern style of fixture. The pastor that had moderated that compromise must have had a knack for politics.

Perhaps right now you are facing a decision regarding a potential change. It could be a change in where you live, where you work, where you go to church, or where your child goes to school. Or the change could involve some other area of your life. Whatever your potential change is, my advice to you would be to pray what David once prayed when he found himself in a tight spot. He prayed:

…cause me to know the way wherein which I should walk; for I lift up my soul unto thee (Psalm 143:8, K.J.V.)

Notice that David’s request was built around three implicit truths. Truth #1: There was a singular, specific course of action that David should take. It wasn’t a multiple choice type of deal where God didn’t have a preference which path David chose. Truth #2: God knew precisely what that course of action was. Even though David was a bit overwhelmed by his circumstance, God knew exactly what David needed to do. And truth #3: God would cause David to know exactly what that course of action was. David wouldn’t have been asking God for guidance if God wasn’t the type to give it.

David was smart in that he knew that he didn’t have to figure everything out for himself. All he had to do was ask God to show him the way and be obedient to whatever answer God gave him. What a marvelously simplistic way to live! It’s a way that worked for David, and it’s a way that will work for you as well, no matter what potential change you are facing.

So, is God for that change that you are dealing with these days? I don’t know. What I do know is that He has a will in each situation and He’ll make it known to you if you sincerely seek it from Him. This, then, is your assignment. Seek God’s will regarding your potential change and do whatever He says to do about it. Anything less than that and you might just wind up with two different types of light fixtures in your ceiling.

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