Being a Godsend

An article in the USA Today newspaper told the story of a couple who boarded TWA flight 265 in New York to fly to Orlando and see Disney World. Thirty minutes into the flight, the woman, who was was almost seven months pregnant, doubled over in pain and began bleeding. She was going into premature labor.

A doctor was badly needed and fortunately there was an internist from Long Island, New York, on the flight. He volunteered his services and with his help the woman soon gave birth to a boy. But the baby was in trouble. The umbilical cord was wrapped tightly around his neck and he wasn’t breathing. The lack of oxygen had already turned his face blue.

At this point two paramedics volunteered to help, and one of them just happened to specialize in infant respiratory procedures. He asked if anyone had a straw because he planned to use it to suction fluid from the baby’s lungs. But the plane didn’t stock straws and so there were none to be found.

However, a flight attendant happened to remember that she had a straw left over from a juice box she had brought on board. That straw was quickly located, and the paramedic inserted it into the baby’s lungs as his fellow paramedic administered CPR to the child. While they were doing all that, the internist used a passenger’s shoelace to tie off the umbilical cord.

Four minutes passed as the three men worked feverishly to save the lifeless baby. Then, at last, the child whimpered. Shortly afterward the child was breathing on its own. Cheers went up all over the plane as it was announced that the little boy was fine. The parents named the boy Matthew, which means “Godsent” or “Gift From the Lord.” According to the father, the people on board the plane “were all godsends.”

This true story is a perfect example of how God meets peoples’ needs through other people. He didn’t send down angels from heaven to deliver that baby. Instead, He orchestrated events to have an internist and two paramedics on board that flight. He didn’t cause that straw to miraculously appear out of thin air. Instead, He arranged things so that a flight attendant could carry it on board that airplane.

So, my question to you right now is: Who do you know that has a need that God could meet by using you as His Godsend? People with needs are everywhere. We just have to start looking a little more closely and listening a little more intently to find them.

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