“Christian Verses” Podcast: John 14:6

A recent survey conducted by Christianity Today found that 23% of surveyed pastors and 52% of surveyed church-goers did not strongly disagree with the idea that there is more than one path to God. In other words, only 77% of surveyed pastors and 48% of surveyed church-goers were unwavering that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven. Welcome to “the church” of the 21st century.

Religious pluralism is the belief that completely different religions can all be valid at the same time, and that there are many paths to God. It goes much deeper than a Christian simply being tolerant of a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Jew, or a Hindu. It means that Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism are all different roads that end at the same destination: God. Religious pluralism is summed up in this Opray Winfrey quote, made on her television show in 2008:

One of the mistakes that human beings make is to believe that there is only one way to live and we don’t accept that there are diverse ways of being in the world, that there are millions of ways to please God, and many ways, many paths to what you call God.

In this week’s podcast, Malcolm and I use Jesus’ words from John 14:6 to kick off our discussion. If any quote found in the Bible flatly contradicts the whole notion of religious pluralism, this one is it. So if you’ve got 30 minutes sometime, click on the link and listen in on our conversation. I think it will be a help to you. Here’s the link:

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