Do It Now

Here’s a true story. A church in San Antonio, Texas, committed to a fundraising drive to build a new building. On a chosen Sunday morning, a special offering would be taken up to help toward reaching the monetary goal. Each member was asked to pray about how much he or she should give.

A couple of days after that announcement was made, a middle-aged man stopped by the pastor’s office. He told the pastor that he and his wife had been praying about what they should give and had decided on the amount of $10,000. The pastor was astonished because he knew this couple well enough to know they weren’t wealthy, and he was even more astonished when the man reached into his pocket, pulled out the money, and laid it on the desk. Evidently the fellow had just come from the bank, where he had arranged for the money.

When the pastor pointed out that the couple might be overextending themselves by donating such a large amount, the man explained the incalculable influence the church had had upon the couple’s life. Both the husband and the wife had been raised in the church. They had met in the church. They had been baptized in the church. They had been married in the church. Their children had been raised in the church, and now their grandchildren were attending there as well. Because of all this, the couple felt they couldn’t give any less than $10,000.

After hearing that, the pastor graciously accepted the gift, but he did ask the man to keep the money and personally place it into the offering plate the designated Sunday morning. But the man wouldn’t agree to that. He said, “Pastor, we already know what God wants us to do — so we want to do it right now while we can. I do expect to be here that Sunday morning, but I believe the time for a fellow to do anything is just as soon as he knows what God wants him to.”

A couple of days later a wealthy local businessman learned that he had to make a trip to California. Since he had a four-passenger plane, he called three of his friends and asked if they would like to join him, free of charge, on the trip. The man who gave the $10,000 was one of the friends. For some reason, the group decided to fly to Denver, Colorado, first, where they landed at Stapleton Airport. The next morning they filed a flight plan for Los Angeles and took off. After that the plane was never seen again. It must have gone down somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

On the Sunday the building-drive offering was taken up, the widow, surrounded by her children and grandchildren, sat in the church sanctuary and watched the pastor place the $10,000 into the plate. She was thankful her husband hadn’t waited to donate the money. If he had he wouldn’t have gotten to experience the earthly joy of personally donating to that offering.

When God told Abraham to take his son, Isaac, to the land of Moriah and sacrifice him there, Abraham rose early the next morning and began the journey (Genesis 22:1-3). When the Holy Spirit told Philip to overtake the Ethiopian eunuch’s chariot, Philip ran to do it (Acts 8:29-30). This is the “DO IT NOW” mentality, and it’s something that is sorely lacking among Christians. So, Christian, what is it that God has told you to do? Well, have you done it yet?

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