A Word About the Media & Polling

An international automobile race was once held in the Soviet Union. With that country being under strict Communist control, the international media was forced to rely upon Pravda, a mouthpiece newspaper for the Communist party, for the race results. And what were those results? According to Pravda, the U.S. car came in next to last while the Russian-made Moskovich came in second.

Sounds like a plain case of Communist engineering over American engineering, right? Wrong. The truth is that there were only two cars in the race and the American car beat the Russian car! Do you see how the report from Pravda was literally true and yet oh so misleading? Welcome to the world of biased media and manipulated statistics.

Every time I hear the words, “According to the latest polls, the majority of Americans…,” my ear just tunes out. C’mon, it’s not like every American was polled. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pollster for a national organization on the streets of tiny Spruce Pine, NC, where I live. Stop 100 people on the streets of San Francisco and ask your questions. Then fly down to Birmingham and ask 100 people there. Think the numbers from both cities will match up evenly? Yeah right. So much for the latest polls.

And now let me close out this little post by saying this: Even if the poll results are based upon large-scale polling and are unbiasedly reported, what real difference do they make to the Bible-believing Christian anyway? I mean, is abortion going to suddenly become right in the eyes of God just because 50.1 percent of Americans think it is okay? No. Is God going to change His mind on homosexuality just because a slim majority of Americans don’t agree with what His written word teaches about it? No. Is the approval of capital punishment going to disappear from the pages of both the Old Testament (Genesis 9:6) and the New Testament (Romans 13:1-4) just because the latest poll shows that most Americans disagree with it? No. Do you see what I mean? God is never going to change His truth, standards, and word simply to appease a bunch of rogue Americans. And I don’t need a poll to tell me that.

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