Easter Bells

During Napoleon’s Austrian campaign his army closed in on the town of Feldkirch. With their town seemingly without hope, the Christians gathered in a little church to pray. As it so happened it was the night before Easter Sunday.

The next morning at sunrise, per the custom, the bells of the town were rung in celebration of Easter. If Napoleon’s army was coming at least the townspeople could enjoy one last joyous Easter. But the ringing of those bells caused something strange to happen. Napoleon’s army, not realizing it was Easter Sunday, took them to mean that the Austrian army had marched into Feldkirch during the night and the bells were being rung in celebration of it. Based upon this erroneous assessment, Napoleon ordered a retreat and the town was saved.

This Easter we Christians should let the bells of our heart ring out in celebration of the fact that Jesus is alive. Of all people on earth, we should feel the most joy and hope. No matter what our circumstances are, our great God and Savior stands ready to come to our aid and defense. That’s so much better than awaiting the arrival of a human army, one which may or may not provide the help we need.

So, Christian, are you having difficulty this Easter season? Does it seem as if your enemy’s victory is inevitable? Is your situation desperate? Then let the bells of your heart ring out loud! Remember that Jesus lives and stands ready to help you in your time of trouble.

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