A Word About Lighthouses, Fire, & Wood

One foggy night a captain saw a faint light directly in the path of his ship. He ordered his signalman to send out the message: “Alter your course ten degrees south.” The signalman did so, but back came the reply: “Alter your course ten degrees north.”

With his pride hurt, the captain ordered that a second message be sent out: “Alter your course ten degrees south! I am a captain!” But back came the return message: “Alter your course ten degrees north! I am Seaman Third Class Jones.”

At this point the captain was enraged and ordered that a third message be sent: “ALTER YOUR COURSE TEN DEGREES SOUTH! I AM IN A BATTLESHIP!” But he had to concede defeat when back came the message: “ALTER YOUR COURSE TEN DEGREES NORTH! I AM IN A LIGHTHOUSE!”

Disagreeing with God’s written word, the Bible, is about like that captain expecting that lighthouse to move for him. In the end, either in this life or in eternity, that’s not an argument that you are going to win. God’s word has stood, is standing right now, and will continue to stand. You disagreeing with it won’t change it. You getting mad at it won’t alter it. You resisting it will only hurt you.

Jeremiah 5:14 is a very interesting verse. It reads:

Therefore thus says the Lord God of hosts: “Because you speak this word, behold, I will make My words in your mouth fire, and this people wood, and it shall devour them.”

Notice that in this verse God compares His words to fire. When we think of fire, we think of its many advantageous uses. Fire can be used for illumination, cooking, warmth, purification, forging, etc. But God wasn’t telling Jeremiah that His words were going to be a blessing to the people of Judah. His point was, those words would destroy the people. The words would be the fire and the people would be the wood.

Here in America, we have reached a state as low as Judah’s. We argue with God’s word. We disagree with it. We doubt it. We scoff at it. We explain it away. We ridicule it. We ignore it. Therefore, as a nation, we stand as dried wood, ready to be consumed by the fire of God’s judgment.

Frankly, I wish that I could change this about America, but I can’t. I’m just one person. All I can do is remain true to God’s word and take my personal stand with it. Just as Jeremiah stood in stark contrast to the typical citizens of Judah, I can stand in such contrast to the typical citizens of my country. And the great news is that as I do this God’s word will become a source of blessing, not condemnation, to me. I will experience that word as a source of illumination, warmth, and purification. And isn’t that better than being dried out wood awaiting the fire?

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