God Knows What He Is Doing

A young man went off to college and was exposed to some points of view that questioned the existence of a creator God. By the time he returned home after his first year at the school, he had begun to drift toward atheism.

One day, while he was walking in the field with his Christian father, he shared his doubts. He said, “Dad, doesn’t it seem a bit absurd that a supposedly intelligent creator God would have a huge pumpkin grow on a small vine while a tiny acorn grows on a large branch? If I was a creator, I would put the pumpkin on the large branch and the acorn on the small vine.” Just then an acorn fell and hit his head. His father said, “Well, son, I guess you are glad now that God put the pumpkin where it is.”

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1 Response to God Knows What He Is Doing

  1. LeRoy Dean says:

    Love the story. Great message. Keep writing. 🙂

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