Missed Opportunities

When Alexander Graham Bell was trying to market the telephone, he went to wealthy financier Chauncey DePew and offered him a one-sixth interest in the new invention for the price of $10,000. DePew took a week to consider the offer and wrote back the following:

Dear Mr. Bell:
The incident is closed. That telephone is a clever idea, but it is utterly lacking in commercial possibilities. Ten thousand dollars is far too much to risk in marketing an instrument that, at best, can never be more than a source of amusement.

Applying this illustration from a spiritual standpoint, how many daily opportunities does God extend to each of us to draw us closer to Him or allow Him to use us in His service? That time of boredom when you have nothing to do? That unexpected circumstance? That chance encounter with a stranger? That conversation with a friend? That request for help? But what do we do with these opportunities? Far too many times we let them slip through our fingers.

Today, be especially on the lookout for the opportunities that God sends your way. Perhaps there will be opportunities for you to become more intimate with Him. Or perhaps there will be opportunities for Him to use you in His service. Most likely there will be both. Pray a simple prayer right now and ask Him to help you be especially in tune today to these opportunities. It’s untelling just what today might hold for you.

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