Be Sure To Get All The Message

In Napoleon’s day, long-range signaling was done by means of semaphoring. So when news of the battle of Waterloo came in to England, a signalman on board a ship semaphored the first word, “Wellington.” Then he sent the next word, “defeated.” But after that a fog came down and prevented the ship from being seen for the next few hours. Naturally, the message “Wellington defeated” spread like wildfire through England. That, of course, was terrible news for the nation.

However, once the fog finally lifted, the signalman was able to finish sending his message. And the whole message was “Wellington defeated the enemy.” With that news, England’s gloom was turned to joy.

We might say that when the body of Christ was laid in the tomb following His crucifixion, the fog came down and the rest of the message couldn’t be seen. But on the third day the fog lifted as Christ arose victorious from the grave. On Easter Sunday we celebrate the lifting of the fog and the completion of the message. So let us never leave Christ’s body hanging dead on the cross or decomposing in the tomb. We must always be sure that the world hears ALL the message.

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