What to Do About Clouds

I miss Patrick Swayze. He was one of my favorite movie stars. I always liked watching him, no matter what part he was playing.

Swayze and his wife Niemi were both pilots, and they enjoyed flying airplanes together. On one flight, however, they got into a big argument over how to handle a cloud bank in front of them. The husband wanted to climb above it, but the wife wanted to dive below it. I don’t know which option they chose, but later on they took the debate to a flight instructor and asked him who was right. He said, “You’re both wrong. You should have flown right through it. You should trust your instruments and stick to your flight plan.”

Christian, I think we can apply that flight instructor’s words to your life. When you know that you are in God’s will, and yet clouds blur your horizon, you should trust your instruments and stick to your flight plan. What are your instruments? They are the words of the Bible as well as the counsel and guidance of the indwelling Holy Spirit. What is your flight plan? It is truth concerning God’s will that He has previously revealed to you.

So, has God told you to do something? Does He have you on a certain path in life? But is that path right now being obscured by some clouds of problem or difficulty? What should you do? Trust your instruments and fly straight through the clouds. If God wants you to do any climbing or diving, He will tell you. If He wants to change your flight plan, He’ll let you know. But until you receive some new directions from Him, the last ones He gave you still stand.

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