The Native American Chief & Jesus

A Christian missionary preached to a tribe of Native Americans, telling them that Jesus Christ, who was God in human flesh, had voluntarily died for their sins. The tribe’s elderly Chief was very moved by Christ’s sacrifice and decided to do something for the Lord Jesus. He rose to his feet, walked up to the missionary, laid his tomahawk at the missionary’s feet, and said in broken English, “Chief give his tomahawk to Jesus.” Then he went and sat back down.

The missionary, sensing that the Holy Spirit was working on the Chief, started preaching again. This time he told the tribe that God, in giving us Jesus, had given us His absolute best. The Chief listened carefully, considered the matter, and then walked forward again, this time carrying his blanket. He laid the blanket at the missionary’s feet and said, “Chief give his blanket to Jesus.”

Still, however, that wasn’t the response the missionary was seeking, and so he started preaching again. He told the tribe how Jesus, even though He was rich in heaven, had become poor for us by being born in a manger, living a humble life, and dying by way of a cruel, humiliating cross. This compelled the Chief to leave the meeting, go get his horse, bring the animal to the missionary, and say, “Chief give his horse to Jesus.”

At this point, the Chief thought to himself, “Now I have given everything I have to Jesus, who gave Himself for me.” But the missionary just started up yet another round of preaching. This time he explained that Jesus had arisen from the dead, appeared to many in His post-resurrection body, ascended back to heaven forty days later, and was now seated at the right hand of His heavenly father, calling men and women to Himself. And it was then that the Chief finally understood why the missionary had never seemed satisfied with the fine gifts. The Chief stood up again, walked forward, bowed himself, and said, “Chief give himself to Jesus.”

Ah, friend, there it is! That is the decision that Jesus wants from each of us, and it is a far cry from merely attending church, putting some money in the offering plate, owning a Bible, praying prayers, trying to live a moral life, etc. Certainly, each of those things is proper when understood in its rightful place, but when it comes to salvation, they are all just tomahawks, blankets, and horses. What Jesus truly wants is you (lock, stock, and barrel). And, just to be honest about it, when He has you like that, He’ll have you keep all your tomahawks, blankets, and horses and use them in service to Him.

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