The Arms of God

A family was awakened one night by the blaring of their smoke detector. Sure enough, the house was on fire. The father immediately raced into the kids’ room and came out carrying his 18-month old baby with one arm and holding his four-year-old son’s hand with the other. They were halfway down the stairs when the four-year-old realized that he had left his teddy bear in his room. Impulsively, he broke away from his father’s grip and ran back to get the bear. With the house beginning to fill up with smoke, the father made the split-second decision to go ahead and get the baby out and then go back and retrieve the four-year old. He calculated that he’d have enough time.

But the fire accelerated faster than he expected, and by the time he got the baby outside the flames had trapped the four-year-old in his second floor bedroom. Frantically, the father looked up to the window, and through the thick smoke he saw that the boy had raised the window and was trying to get out. The man yelled, “Jump, son, I’ll catch you!” The boy, who was now engulfed in smoke, said, “But I can’t see you, daddy.” The father’s reply was, “That’s okay, son. Jump. I can see you!

Tell me, is God calling you to make some “jump” with your life these days? What I mean is, is He asking you to do something you’re not quite sure about? Maybe you’re arguing with Him about it. Maybe you are hesitating to obey Him. Well, I want you to remember that if you know for certain that it’s God who is doing the calling, you needn’t worry about not being able to see where you will land. You’ll land in the strong arms of a God who loves you more than you can imagine and knows what’s best for your life. And when it’s all said and done, you certainly won’t regret having made the leap.

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