Bear Hunting

A big man and a little man were sitting on a mountain porch talking. The little man leaned over, felt the big man’s biceps, and said, “If I was as big as you are and had muscles like that, I’d go up into the mountain, find the biggest bear I could find, and tear him from limb to limb.” To that the big man replied, “Well, there’s plenty of little bears up there too. Why don’t you go find one of them?”

The point is that we tend to have higher expectations of others than we have of ourselves. We’re experts at knowing what somebody else ought to do. As someone has said, “We should all change problems because everybody knows how to solve everybody else’s.” So, here’s a call for being more concerned about fulfilling your own potential than dwelling upon how badly somebody else is missing their’s. If they ask for your help or advice, then freely give it. Otherwise, stop trying to run the lives of others. Instead, spend your time hunting your own bears.

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