A Case of Mistaken Identity

A man was sitting in his car at a red light one morning. When the light changed to green, the woman driving the car in front of him didn’t immediately start going. She was reading over some papers on the seat and didn’t notice the light change. Unfortunately, the light was a quick changing one, and it shot through yellow and turned to red again without her moving. This incensed the man, and he started yelling curse words at her and beating on his steering wheel in disgust.

Unfortunately for him, his outburst caught the attention of a police officer who happened to be in the car behind him. The officer hit his lights, got out of his car, and carefully approached the man’s window with gun drawn. When he tapped on the window, the man said, “Hey, wait a minute, you can’t arrest me for hollering in my car.” To that the police officer had him step out of the car. He then put handcuffs on him, placed him in the back seat of the police car, and took him down to the station.

After the man had spent about two hours in a holding cell, the arresting officer came in and said, “You’re free to go.” The man angrily replied, “See, I knew you couldn’t arrest me for yelling in my own car. I’m warning you, you haven’t heard the last of this.” To that the police officer said, “I didn’t arrest you for shouting in your car. When I saw you screaming and beating your steering wheel, I said to myself, ‘What sorry behavior.’ But there was nothing that I could do about a man throwing a fit in his own car. But then I noticed the cross hanging from your rear-view mirror and your Jesus Is Coming Soon bumper sticker, and I just assumed you must have stolen the car!”

Be careful giving a little chuckle to this story. It could well be that you will need to heed its lesson sometime in the very near future!

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