A Hop of Faith

I read about a very frustrated pastor who said to his congregation, “I’ve stopped expecting you to make leaps of faith, but it would be nice to see a hop now and then.” I can’t help but wonder if God doesn’t feel the same way about His people. Tell me, Christian, when was the last time you showed Him even a hop of faith, let alone a leap?

What kind of expectations do you have for this new year? Would they fall under the category of optimistic or pessimistic? Oh, I’ve heard all the bad news: gas prices are soaring again, the economy is still lagging, global warming is going to end civilization as we know it. But still, at the bottom line, God continues to reign over all creation from His throne in heaven, doesn’t He? And, Christian, He is your loving heavenly FATHER, isn’t He? So why be so doom-and-gloom about this upcoming year? Why not, instead, show God at least a hop of faith that you think He’s going to do great and mighty things in your life this year? My guess is that He is tired of most of us (including Russell Mckinney) underestimating Him.

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