Okay, I’m Back Now

Ten months ago I reported that I had decided to take a break from writing this blog. My goal was to finish a second book I had started writing, a book on the subject of prayer. Once I had finished the book, then I’d see whether or not the Lord wanted me to resume the blog. Well, I’m happy to report that I now have a much clearer understanding of what God wants me to do.

Over the past several months, I did get some more work done on the book. However, I eventually reached a point with it where I kind of “hit a wall.” I can’t give you any one reason why that happened. I didn’t go apostate from God. My family isn’t falling apart. My health is fine. The bills are all paid. Things are going better at church than they ever have. And I certainly still have plenty to say in writing. It’s just that I reached a place where the idea of sitting down at my computer to work on the book seemed akin to picking up a ball and chain and lugging it around for a couple of hours. It just wasn’t something that I had a great burden, let alone a desire, to do.

Chapter 9 of my book Straight Talk About God’s Will is entitled “Proving God’s Will.” The foundational text for that chapter is Romans 12:1-2, where the apostle Paul talks about proving out God’s will. In the book, I offer some illustrations in which God revealed His will for situations not by way of a direct word but, instead, by way of a careful process as He worked people through a series of events. I also explain why God sometimes chooses to reveal His will in this lengthy way and what great advantage comes of it. I won’t revisit the entire chapter here, but suffice is to say that over the past several months God has been working me through a process by which He has proved to me that it isn’t His will for me to finish that book on prayer. Instead, I know now that He wants me to start writing the blog again.

You ask, “But what about all that work you put into the book on prayer?” Don’t worry, it won’t go to waste. Somehow at some time or another I’ll turn it all into blog posts. It might be through a blog series on prayer, or it might be through singular posts here and there along the way. But it will happen because, trust me, I want to get the material out there for others to read.

So, in closing, I want to thank all of my faithful readers who stayed patient with me this past year. Naturally, the number of people reading the blog did drop some, but not a day went by when there weren’t some folks stopping by to read something. For that I’m grateful. And I’m hoping that God now begins to use the blog in greater and more prolific ways than He ever has. The good news is that the time away allowed me to get refreshed and revived, and I think that will show up in the posts.

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1 Response to Okay, I’m Back Now

  1. Welcome back… I for one am looking forward to some new material…

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