Top 10 Posts For 2009

With 2009 winding down, I’d like to list this blog’s top ten posts for the year. These are the posts that were the most read via search engines. Other posts might have been read more by regular visitors to the site, but those readings don’t get recorded in a specific category the way readings off search engines do.

#1: Tim Tebow & Jesus: This was the most read post by a wide margin. It almost doubled the second post on the list. When I realized that the piece was being read by so many people, I thought, “Lord, do you want me to change it in any way?” The word I received was, “No, leave it just as it is. It’s what I wanted you to say.”

#2: What Does The Bible Teach About Divorce?: It could well be that this post will become my most read in the long run. Tim Tebow will soon be going to the NFL to play his football, and he’ll most likely be much less of a star at that level. But, sadly, the issue of divorce won’t be waning anytime soon.      

#3: The Bible & Homosexuality: I wrote this post in response to the scandal that arose in the wake of homosexual activist Perez Hilton asking Miss California, Carrie Prejean, that infuriating question. The post was at the top of this list for most of the year. Actually, it shot out of the gate and took such a sizable lead that I figured it would stay there. But the Tebow piece took off in an even greater way, and the divorce piece just kept steadily moving up the list all year.

#4: Straight Talk About God’s Will (The Book): This isn’t actually a post. It’s a sample chapter of my book. I’m glad that a lot of people have accessed it, and I hope that God has used it mightily. Now if I can get more folks to actually buy the book!

#5: Brief Bio: This isn’t a post either. But would you believe that it was the hardest thing I had to write all year? You try summing up your life and ministry in a “brief” way! I figure that one of these days I’ll get around to rewriting it. If people are going to keep visiting the blog, I suppose they’ll keep clicking on “Brief Bio” because they’ll want to know who they are reading.

#6: Lessons Learned From The Tiger Woods Story: I wrote this post late in the year, but it was a “hot” enough search to pull some good numbers. For now, Woods still hasn’t been seen in public since his fall from grace and his marriage seems to be over. No sports celebrity has ever plummeted so far so fast.

#7: Why Hasn’t Russell Been Posting More?: I’m at a loss as to why so many people found this post off search engines. It’s just a simple little update that I wrote to let my regular readers know what was going on with me. I’m glad that so many people read it because my church, Disciples Road Church, and my book, Straight Talk About God’s Will, are prominently mentioned in it. By the way, if you are interested, the church website is We’ve got a lot of good stuff on there. (Yes, that was a shameless plug.)

#8: Billy Graham: I wrote this post after some of my preacher friends and I paid a visit to The Billy Graham Training Center At The Cove. What makes the piece different from the usual writing on Billy Graham is that I name some criticisms that have been leveled at the world’s most famous preacher.

#9. Ted Kennedy & Leadership: I’m glad this post ended up being read by a good number of people because the Lord gave me an uncommonly strong burden to write it. The fact that so many people have found it only validates to me that God always intended to use it in a significant way. Also, I have no doubts that the post will continue to be read going forward. People will always be doing searches on Ted Kennedy.

#10: Does Satan Exist?: This post came out of a debate that was aired on Nightline. Mark Driscoll and Annie Loberts argued for the existence of Satan. Deepak Chopra and Carlton Pearson argued against it. I like this piece because I use it to raise what I think is an intelligent and valid point that comes out of the debate.

Well, there you have them, my top ten posts for the year. If you missed any of them, let me encourage you to go back and read them. And as for 2010, who knows what the Lord might lay upon my heart to write about? We’ll just have to see what the new year holds. Writing a blog has been a whole new adventure for me, and the adventure continues. I want to thank each and every person who has taken the time to read anything I’ve written. Keep coming back and reading and don’t be shy about leaving comments!

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