Take The Christmas Quiz

Here are 20 questions (actually 21) that come out of the Bible’s Christmas story. I gave this quiz to the folks at my church. You take it and see how you do. Each question is worth 5 points and the extra credit question is worth 10. The answers are given after the last question.

# 1. On what day was Jesus born?

a. January 1st

b. July 4th

c. we can’t be sure of the exact date

d. December 25


#2. Joseph and Mary lived in what city?

a. Dallas, Texas

b. Nazareth

c. Capernaum

d. Jerusalem


#3. In what city was Jesus born?

a. Bethlehem

b. we can’t be sure of the exact city

c. Miami, Florida

d. Nazareth


#4. Why were Joseph and Mary in that city?

a. they lived there

b. it was the closest place with a doctor

c. it was where their donkey broke down

d. they had to be registered for taxation purposes


#5. When the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary, what was the relationship between Joseph and Mary?

a. they were husband and wife

b. Mary was betrothed to be Joseph’s wife

c. they were brother and sister

d. they had dated in college


#6. What was so unique about Mary giving birth to Jesus?

a. she was still a virgin

b. she rode to the hospital in a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer

c. she was 70 years old at the time

d. she thought she was giving birth to a girl


#7. What is our best guess as to the specific site of Christ’s birth?

a. a tavern

b. an inn

c. a shopping mall

d. a stall, stable, or cave where livestock were kept


#8. Not long after Jesus was born, what did Mary wrap Him in?

a. her family quilt

b. a new blanket from Babies ’R Us

c. cloths

d. the sheet from the bed


#9. Once Mary had wrapped Jesus up, where did she lay Him?

a. in the backseat of her car

b. in an animal’s feeding trough

c. in a crib that Joseph had built

d. on some straw on the ground


#10. Who were the first people to hear that Jesus had been born?

a. some shepherds in a nearby field

b. the people who helped with the birth

c. Mary’s parents

d. the little drummer boy and his animals


#11. How did they hear that Jesus had been born?

a. they heard a baby’s cry and followed the sound

b. it was a news broadcast that interrupted “It’s A Wonderful Life”

c. they were there on scene when He was born

d. an angel suddenly appeared to them and told them


#12. Once they had found baby Jesus, what did they do with the news of His birth?

a. they kept quite about it because they were afraid

b. they went and told a lot of people in the surrounding area

c. they sold the scoop to the National Enquirer for $100

d. they only talked about it amongst themselves


#13. Then what did they do?

a. they went back to what they had been doing before

b. they sold all their possessions to follow Jesus

c. they began to doubt what they had seen

d. they wrote a Christmas hymn about their experience


#14. When did the wise men come to see Jesus?

a. when they had earned enough money to make the trip

b. at least several months after his birth, possibly even two years

c. when they got laid off from their jobs and had some spare time

d. the night of His birth


#15. How many wise men were there?

a. three

b. none, any woman can tell you that no man is all that wise

c. twelve

d. the Bible doesn’t tell us


#16. Where was Jesus when the wise men found Him?

a. working at WalMart

b. lying in a manger

c. in Mary’s arms

d. in a house


#17. What gifts did the wise men bring to Jesus?

a. gold, frankincense, and myrrh

b. a Playstation III, an X Box, and a laptop

c. a shepherd’s staff, a sling, and a pouch

d. a white stallion, a king’s robe, and a crown


#18. What was the occupation of the wise men?

a. they were shepherds

b. they were astrologers who studied the stars and natural sciences

c. they operated a chain of Christmas tree lots across the land

d. they were kings


#19. What is our best guess as to where the wise men lived?

a. the city of Jerusalem

b. the city of Rome

c. the Babylon-Persia region

d. Los Angeles, California


#20. The star that prompted the wise men to begin their journey was seen in what part of the sky?

a. the section directly over Santa’s workshop at the North Pole

b. the west

c. the south

d. the east


(extra credit question): We find the Christmas story in what parts of the Bible?

A. the four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John)

B. the gospels of Matthew and Luke

C. the table of contents

D. the books of Genesis and The Revelation



1.c     2.b (Luke 2:4)     3.a (Luke 2:4-5)     4.d (Luke 2:1-5)

5.b (Luke 2:4-5)     6.a (Matthew 1:18,22-25)     7.d (Luke 2:7)

8.c (Luke 2:7)     9.b (Luke 2:7)     10.a (Luke 2:8)  

11.d (Luke 2:9-14)     12.b (Luke 2:15-18)     13.a (Luke 2:20)

14.b (Matthew 2:16)   15.d (Matthew 2:1)  16.d (Matthew 2:11a)    

17.a (Matthew 2:11)     18.b (Matthew 2:2)    

19.c (Matthew 2:1; they lived in a land east of Jerusalem)

20.b (Matthew 2:2; they were in the east and followed the star west toward Jerusalem and Bethlehem)    

extra credit question: b

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